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Untitledtown Book and Author Festival

I'll be at the Untitledtown Festival this year--reading from BLACK STAR RENEGADES for the very first time! I'll read, I'll talk, I'll do interpretive dance, even. We'll see.  Get more info here:


Oh, Margaret Atwood and Dan Chaon are also there, so I guess that's cool

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C2E2 Sci-Fi Panel

I'm not tabling at C2E2 this year due to the demands of my workload, but I AM hosting a panel! It's the first time i'm ever hosting a panel, but I thought it would be fun. 

Here's the details!

 Title: Building Sci-Fi Worlds

Description: Ever wonder how scii-fi writers build elaborate worlds based on fiction and fact? Join some of sci-fi best writers to talk about world-building in the best genre to find the best worlds!

Date: 4/22/2017

Time: 2:45 PM - 3:45 PM

Location: S503

Speakers:  Steve Seeley, Matthew Rosenberg, Ryan Cady, and Jessi Jordan

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